Keeping the Faith

This blog is an effort to equip parents with tools to help you pass on your Orthodox Christian faith to your children.  To help you consciously create a God-loving, God-centered home. To grow closer to God as a family, to acquire virtues and habits that will last a lifetime. To prepare your children to create their own Orthodox Christian homes, and to raise their own children in the faith.

This book is not a collection of anecdotes or personal experiences – many of the action steps came from other sources and other families’ lives. It is also not theology or even deeply reflective.  It is meant to be hands-on, with tools you can use to develop and enhance your Orthodox Christian home.

We have an incredibly rich faith, spanning thousands of years of history, and most of what our children will learn about it will come through us.  Topics I hope to address:  almsgiving, service, blessings, building a family spiritual library, children in church, cycles of prayers, daily prayers at home, making a pilgrimage, the Orthodox “phronema,” patron saints and namedays, praying for your children, Scripture memory, teenagers, underlying values, and many more.

I will try to include in each post quotations from Holy Scripture and/or the writings of church fathers and mothers and other faithful people, a discussion of the topic, some action steps to implement, and books and articles to go deeper. Wherever possible I will link you to helpful resources.


Forty years in the church does not confer sainthood – as in all things, consult with your spiritual father/parish priest. Forgive me, a sinner.

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